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Balding at a young age can be a major issue of concern for every individual. Men have a tendency of accurate hair fall in young age which makes them less attractive and unappealing.

More than 60% of men face hair loss or balding to an extreme point. On the other hand, only 10% of women have the potential of getting bald at a young age. Thus Hair loss treatment in both men and women can be the answer to the accurate hair loss and balding.

Hair treatment such as hair transplant is a common practice to treat hair loss in both men and women. It is the most common practice under cosmetic surgery.

There is numerous hair transplant clinic in Delhi but the best-assured one is Visible Change Salon & Skin Clinic. With the help of their consultancy, you can improve your appearance and confidence to an optimum level. We assure the best hair transplant in Delhi under trained professionals and experts.

So, now say goodbye to your hair loss with the permanent solution called hair transplant. We take extra care in removing the tiny patches of scalp from the backside and then we implant new hair both on the backside and top front.

This medical treatment from our top-notch skin clinic will give you a natural-looking appearance and result even after a single session.

What is Hair Transplant?

It is a surgical procedure, where the surgeon locates the healthy hair on your scalp in order to move it on the area with thinning hair or balding. This process helps to create a natural-looking appearance and result for the long run.

Numerous people regain their lost hair with this advanced technique. But, everything depends largely on the surgeon you select for your hair treatment.

We at ‘Visible Change Salon & Skin Clinic’ have the best team of doctors, surgeon, and dermatologist to give you best hair transplant therapy at an affordable cost.

The hair transplant requires several sitting to treat your hair loss and balding permanently. Every sitting requires 4 to 8 hours minimum for the doctors to carry out on the hair loss process. The surgery requires extra care and hygiene after every sitting in order to prevent any kind of fungal infection or bleeding.

What is the Result of Hair Transplant?

Every result depends upon the type of hair you have on your scalp. Sometimes, the result can be seen and felt within the 6 to 9-month duration. But in some patient, the result can also be seen and felt in 12-month duration.

Our advanced medical team makes you feel assured to have the best hair transplant in Delhi under professional hands.

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