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Hair loss problem has been a common issue of concern in both men and women. This distinctively makes a man and a woman uncomfortable in their own space. Hair thinning or baldness makes you look less appealing and pulls down your confidence in public.

There are many reasons for the fall out of hair. Numerous hair accessories are available in the market to cover your thinning hair or baldness. There are different kinds of hair accessories available in the market such as hair wig, hair extensions, and others. But this is a temporary solution and gives you an artificial look and appearance.

In the modern era the idea of hair patch has taken a wide dimension in one’s life. Hair patch for men covers the area of thinning hair and baldness. This assists the people to look graceful and confident in public gathering.  Thus, the use of a hair patch has become a regular hair accessory for both men and women.

To make a choice whether to use a hair patch you need to consult an expert dermatologist. The dermatologist will assist you with the hair treatment suitable for you.

There are numerous hair patch clinics in Delhi who gives the basic to advanced treatment for hair loss. But with our ‘Visible Change Cosmetic Clinic’, you get many hair treatments that you will not find everywhere. Hence, at this hair patch clinic in Delhi customers get assured result after each session.

We value feedback from our clients in planning treatment for their problem in a hassle-free way. As a result, our cosmetic clinic has successfully earned the place of becoming the best hair patch in India with a significant result.

What is Hair Patch?

Hair patch works differently than the hair wig. A normal hair wig covers the entire scalp of your head whereas a hair patch covers only a portion of the scalp where it has thinning hair or baldness.

Methodologically, the hair patch is used on the natural hair of the scalp without removing it. The natural hair of the required area is only trimmed down according to the need of the dermatologist. Thus, hair patch works efficiently in the most affordable manner for treating hair loss.

It is the best method in hiding your thinning hair as hair transplant is not cost-effective for everyone. Hair patch works as the safest mode of hair treatment for the people suffering accurate hair loss or balding.

How to Apply Hair Patch?

Firstly, the hair patch is cut according to the required area of the scalp. It is the required area where the scalp has hair thinning or baldness. The natural hair of the required area of the scalp is firstly cleaned and then trimmed accordingly.

The hair patch cut is then applied carefully by using two distinctive methods:

  • The hair patch can be fixed by using a permanent glue or tape
  • It can also be fixed by using small clips on the sides

However, we at ‘Visible Change Salon & Skin Clinic’ have the best team of doctors, surgeon, and dermatologist to give you the best hair patch treatment at an affordable cost.

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